Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is the current president of the Christ Embassy and of Believers’ LoveWorld Inc. The pastor is a man who has been sent from God and an amazing minister of the gospel in relation to Jesus Christ. His leadership is filled with spirit and propels a global, multifaceted and dynamic ministry. Chris Oyakhilome is a teacher, a pastor, a best-selling author, a television host and a healing minister. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has an insatiable passion to teach people about the manifested presence of God. He has fulfilled his divine commission for over thirty years. He has given millions of people the ability to experience a purposeful and victorious life with God’s word.

A couple celebrating.

The Christ Embassy is a healing school renowned throughout the world. Pastor Chris is the healing minister and is committed to providing healing for the nations. He manifests Jesus Christ’s healing works in modern society. His ministry has allowed many individuals to receive healing through the gifts of the spirit. These individuals have been made well and restored into completeness.

Pastor Chris is also a prolific writer. His masterpiece the Rhapsody of Realities was a best seller. The Daily Devotional distributed this monthly all over the world and it was available in more than 800 languages. There were half a billion copies distributed across the world.

In 2003 Pastor Chris was a pioneer and established the first Christian Satellite Network. The network ran 24 hours each day and beamed from Africa to all over the world. Over time the network was responsible for five new satellite stations. These included LoveWorldSAT in South-Africa, LoveWorldTV in the United Kingdom, LoveWorldCanada in Canada, LoveWorldUS in the United States and LoveWorldPLUS in Nigeria. The satellite stations are expected to continue increasing.

As a man of God, the pastor is inviting people to a very special Worship & Communion Service taking place in Zimbabwe. He is hosting the epochal service in May of the year 2017. Zimbabwe is completely agog with excitement over this ceremony.

In January of 2016 the pastor hosted a historic ceremony in Johannesburg South Africa called Night of Bliss. The pastor as a man of God made the utterance Zimbabwe is a miracle in a peculiar anointing.

The anticipation for the upcoming ceremony in Zimbabwe is soaring. The entire nation is preparing for the divine presentation as this miraculous ceremony unfolds.

Registration is required for this program and it grants people an access ticket so they can enjoy the main venue. There are designated centers for viewing the live presentation available for all the delegates who have registered. There is even an application that can be downloaded from IOS App stores and GooglePlay through an exclusive channel with the CEFLIX mobile application.

This is an amazing opportunity and registering should be the first commitment for anyone interested in this performance. Once your attendance for the service has been confirmed you are able to obtain your ticket for access. This is an opportunity to bask in the miraculous and worship in the glory of the Lord.

The Miraculous Words And Presentation Of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome